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Once your pool is built, we can offer a specialist maintenance service to ensure its kept in optimum condition.

To ensure you have as much time as possible to enjoy your pool, why not allow our qualified Service Engineers to take care of it for you? Alternatively, we are always on hand to advise clients who undertake maintenance themselves but occasionally need more specialist help.

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Service Contracts

At Signet Pool Services Ltd, we offer as much or as little help as you need to keep your pool or spa looking good and in optimum condition throughout the year.

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We offer a variety of Service Contacts tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients, and will advise you on the level of service most suitable for your pool. Having a Service Contract in place leaves you in the safe knowledge that our Engineer will call at regular intervals, ensuring your pool is always in tip top condition.

Platinum Service Contract

This annual Service Contract provides all your service needs, year round, including Winter Close/Spring Re-open. We advise you on the level of service most suitable to maintain your pool by carrying out the work on a pre-arranged, regular basis.

Winter Close/Spring Re-open

Outdoor pools and spas which are not used during the winter, benefit from being de-commissioned until spring so as to protect their heating and filtration systems. We strongly recommend you allow our qualified Service Engineers to carry out this work for you.

Ad Hoc Servicing

If you normally service your pool and only occaionally want a qualified engineer to call — for example, whilst you’re on holiday, or to carry out a Winter Close/Spring re-open — we are entirely flexible and will arrange for our Engineer to call at your request.


We also offer a service where our Engineer calls and provides a full demonstration of how to operate your pool. Please call us if you feel this would be of benefit.

Repairs & Refurbishment

If your pool has fallen into disrepair — perhaps you have only just moved into the property and the previous owner had neglected it — do not despair. Most pools can be repaired and refurbished to a very high standard

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Here is an overview of just some of what we do to bring a neglected pool up to standard:

  • Pressure test to detect pipework or pool leaks
  • General pool clean and re-commission
  • Replace coping stones and repoint
  • Re-tile
  • Hot tubs/spas — drain, clean and re-commission
  • Replace a pool liner
  • Upgrade a pool cover to the latest energy efficient technology
  • Update light fittings, e.g. install low energy LEDs
  • Upgrade or repair an electrical control panel
  • Repair or replace a boiler
  • Refurbish a plant room
  • Change filter sand
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Chemicals & Accessories

From our shop in Tadworth, we offer a wide range of chemicals and accessories.

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Pool & Spa Chemicals

We stock a number of ranges including products from our premier FI-CLOR range.


Here are just a few examples:

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Manual Pool Cleaning

Leaf nets
Algae brushes
Vacuum heads


Pumps and filters
Pipes and valves
Backwash hoses

Pool Covers

Solar cover
Solar roller
Automatic safety cover
Winter debris covers

Pool Covers

To ensure your pool or spa is always running at the correct temperature, our up-to-the-minute pool covers not only minimise heat loss when temperatures drop overnight, but additional savings are achieved because your cover will reduce water evaporation and chemical usage.

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Our covers are made to special order, therefore we are able to supply a close-fitting cover whatever the shape and size of your pool or spa.

Energy Saving Pool Covers

The latest pool covers which provide maximum energy efficiency are manufactured using either insulated slats, or alternatively solar slats, and we advise the best method for your pool.

Covers can be fully automatic, winding into a concealed cover housing, or manually operated, and again we advise on the pros and cons of each type.

Winter Debris Covers

In addition to your energy saving cover, during the winter months or through prolonged absences when your pool is not in regular use, we recommend you fit a Winter Debris cover. Manufactured from fine mesh with maximum UV shading to prevent algae growth, a high tension Winter Debris cover will prevent leaves and other debris from entering your pool, because it will simply blow away.

Safety Covers

Safety covers which are manufactured from uPVC, are easy to maintain, yet so incredibly strong they easily withstand the weight of children and adults, should anyone accidentally trip or fall.

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