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At Signet Pool Services Ltd we are proud in offering a high level of service.

We ensure every aspect of the pool or spa we build for you is carried out competently and smoothly, minimising disruption. We construct our pools to exceptionally high standards of strength and durability by using a double steel mesh frame. Using the Gunite process, concrete is sprayed into this double frame which ensures our pool shells stand the test of time. The outside of our pool walls can be covered with a thick insulation layer. This process is extremely versatile, and allows us to construct pools to virtually any specification.

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Outdoor Swimming Pools

Our outdoor swimming pools include filtration and heating, which combined with an auto-dosing water purification system is easy to run; ensuring the water remains balanced and healthy.

Indoor Swimming Pools

Working with your architect or interior designer, we build indoor pools to exacting requirements, with high specification filtration, heating and ventilation systems and controls.

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A spa, indoor or outdoor, is one of the best ways to relax and ensure a good night’s sleep. Our spas are individually designed either as an integral part of your indoor or outdoor pool complex, or constructed separately.

Heating and Ventilation

We are experienced in all types of heating and ventilation systems, including the latest solar gain and geo-thermal systems. During the earliest stages of your project, we provide you with full information and will guide you through it.

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